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The Right Measures for the Crypto Trading

The Right Measures for the Crypto Trading

The reason for the success or failure of a trader is determined by their long-term performance. For this reason, you should think and act in the long run. It’s no use making a lot of money at first and then ending up with your account. From the you will learn a lot now.

Follow your rules, control the risk and do not invest more than you should

As with all aspects of trading, what works for John may not work for Antony? It varies according to your individual preference. Some traders are willing to tolerate more risk than others. But, as a novice trader, you should start with a conservative trading focused on not giving out your capital in hours or days.

Experiences – the key to success.

  • You should not repeat the same mistakes without thinking of an efficient operational strategy. The repetitive click is not healthy.
  • So try to change some conditions of the game – leverage, volume traded, trading time or financial instrument.
  • Trading on the capital market puts enormous psychological pressure on the trader.
  • If the open order suffers loss, close it immediately. Do not fight the market.
  • The secret to success is not the volume of profits or losses, but your ability to manage your risks and bear your losses.

Test strategy

If you want to build a trading method that can be reused more than once, you will need to first make sure that this method has worked in the past. Try to try the strategy in curves and historical prices. This simulation of the past is very important to get an idea of the performance that can be expected in the future. Of course the certainty will never exist, but if the past historical data results were bad, then they will not be good for the future. Also, the tests do not end there. It is often necessary to simulate the strategy in virtual mode, but with current prices. For a few weeks or months, I test a trading system in order to confront the reality of the target market, and the most important thing is that it will not pose any risk.