People in the modern world are affected by lifestyle disorders. Basic activities of the people are responsible for the above disease. Because of the invention of machines and tools, people do impossible works in the world. Due to the above condition, the physical activities of the people reduced to a great extent. Work nature of the world is to change over some time like everyone doing the works by sitting inside the office by using computers and machines. The children forget to play on the ground and now use the phone and play tools inside the home. These habit needs to change in their adult life otherwise it leads to some disease in them.

List of lifestyle disorder that affects the people

The lifestyle change has brought lots of diseases to people. Many diseases like diabetes, stroke, blood pressure are due to people’s sedentary lifestyle. People who drink more alcohol, smoke, eating more junk foods have a high possibility of getting lifestyle diseases. This disease cause trouble in human beings. Many organs are affected and cause damage to their health. One type of lifestyle disorder is Cholesterol and the type of it. Details about us are available here.

Types of Cholesterol occurs in the world

Cholesterol is a fatty substance present in the body and removed by the liver. The body must have some amount of fat. If more fat deposit in the body, it accumulates in the blood. The type of Cholesterol in the body is LDL VLDL, HDL. The LDL that deposits in the blood vessel is called bad Cholesterol. HDL is called a good Cholesterol present in the body and properly digested by the body. The high accumulation of fat is due to inactivity, improper eating habits, consumption of alcohol. The causes, treatment about the fat deposits are listed here.

Causes of Cholesterol and its treatment

Cholesterol is due to consuming habits, smoking, alcohol drinking, absence of physical activity, genetic reasons. As the age increases, there is a high chance of getting the disease. Overweight is also the reason for fat accumulation. It causes blood clots in the blood vessels, arteries in the body. Consulting a doctor is necessary for treating the disease, and finding earlier is easy for the treatment. Along with the regular medicines, people take supplements like Orlistat available in the market with physician advice. Physical activity, eating proper food and, healthy habits prevent fat accumulation. Health is needed for the long life of the human being.