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Common lies that compulsive gamblers tell

Common lies that compulsive gamblers tell

If you have any compulsive gambler friends then you are already familiar with the never-ending lies. But if you want to confirm or suspect that you also have a gambling addiction then it is a serious matter, don’t take it lightly. You just have to observe your gambling patterns, gambling habits, and thoughts while you are playing. 

These are few common lies that every compulsive gambler tells to others:

I don’t have a gambling problem 

If someone is deep into gambling and their behavior becomes consistent and predictable. They will do anything or say anything just to get their primary goal that is gambling with sites like . They stretch the truth or tell outright lies as an understatement. Mostly the gambling addicts will not feel that they are addicted even after disastrous losses, bankruptcy, financial ruin, legal problems, and deteriorating their family and personal relationships. 

  1. I can stop anytime I want 

The compulsive gambler will not admit that they have a gambling addiction and also pretends that they can quit gambling whenever they want. They try to prove themselves right and also stay away from the casino, sportsbook, internet gaming for a shorter period. But again they start gambling after few days as they can’t control themselves for longer. 

  1. My gambling doesn’t hurt anyone 

Many gambling addictions feel that their addiction does not hurt anyone so what is the problem with gambling. But gambling addiction is indeed as dangerous as alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs. Gambling addiction impacts a whole family and all members have to face the negative consequences. 

  1. I didn’t go gambling

Whenever you meet any gambler at the door then you will get an answer that he’s not going for gambling. It shows that he is admitting that he went for gambling tantamount to admit the loss of control, an inability to set and keep boundaries, and also a refusal to keep a promise. Let us tell you that if any person has a history of gambling then the denial will add fuel to the fire. You already know that confrontation is not a way to deal with it. You have to pick a time and then get a good discussion with any person. 

If you have any of the above lie habits then you must have to work on it. Because gambling addiction can make you broker and your family have to suffer all this.